Beautiful handmade presentsThis month to keep you occupied over the Easter break I am giving away a prize of my book Beautiful Homemade Presents to the reader who can tell me about the best home made present they have ever received.  We will pick a winner on the 22rd of March.

Our winner is Jane Smith


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  • Gill

    For our first Christmas together my husband made me a beautiful set of drawers about 24″ tall using wood from my childhood bed!

  • A very unsuitable suitor once wooed me via my sons with these lovely shields

  • Guest

    My best present was just the other day when Den and I celebrated our Ruby wedding and Lydia gave us a ruby cushion with a sanglier on it, not that 40 years is a bore!

    • The guest is me, I couldn’t seem to log in at first.

  • Lucy Gilmour

    The best home made present I ever received was a doll house made by my Grandfather. I wish I still had it now. Ever since we had to get rid of it I have always liked making doll house out of old shoe boxes!

  • My best home made present was a soft toy piggy made by my aunt. I was two at the time and it was really meant for my new baby brother! I’ve had piggy for 36 years now and he has had a new head and two new bodies. When I was 21 my aunt presented me with the original (white) head on a new pink velvet body and the original pattern so that if piggy needs a new reincarnation he can have one! Piggy (both of them) are now played with (under supervision!) by my boys.

  • Amanda Russell

    My family is well and truly into makery, so when there’s a celebration there’s always something home made to look forward to. I remember my step grandmother the most Baroque gypsy character I’ve ever known painted me my own special table mat. She had made them for my older brother and sister and to me it felt like I had progressed from baby hood to join the grown ups! Folk art style it was a picture of the whole family dressed in wonderful flowncey Baroqerama. Money was short and though only a piece of hardboard cut to size and painted with house paint it was the most amazing present from nothing, I loved the fact, she thought I was ready for it and she sat down and designed and painted this glorious confection just for me, I loved it so much

  • My boyfriend when I was in school made me a beautiful wooden box with a celtic love-knot burned into it’s lid – absolutely stunning 🙂

  • How exciting Juliet! Thank you. I will enjoy reading your book. Should i send you my address?

    • Juliet

      Thanks for the address the book is winging its way to you.