Hearts for the ipad

Valentine’s day inspiration – Hearts digital book for the ipad

Hearts is the digital and updated ipad version of the book originally published by Conran Octopus in 1991. It is full of lovely things to make, each based round the image of the Heart. Flowers, fabrics and food are all covered, as `are papier mache, painting and paper crafts.

All you have to do to Win one is to leave a comment below, with either your best or worst Valentine experiences, by the 13th February 2013. The best story will receive a free digital ipad book of HEARTS.

If you’re not lucky enough to win a copy, you can buy it from the itunes store for £2.99.

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  • Mary O’ Sullivan

    My worst Valentine day was in 2001 when my then boyfriend sent me a bouquet of roses,(it was then i realised what day it was) he had arranged a babysitter for my daughter and took me out to dinner, i just could not wait to get home, as i don’t have a romantic bone in my body and i’m not a fan of roses, it was my worst nightmare.

    I told him the next day not to ever again do that, i think its all a waste of money.

  • Kitty

    I remember one year in highschool my friend gave her boyfriend a gorgeous handmade valentines gift and he broke up with her. It was tragic and I vowed never to put myself in a position of potential rejection like that!

    So now in the wisdom of adulhood, Valentines day is the one day of the year when my partner and I deliberately DON’T say ‘I love you’. (Every other day we do and that’s a better ratio I think!)

  • Incognito

    Worst Valentine’s Day ever – 1974 – a day never to be ackowledged again and it is now 2013!!!
    Had arranged with great excitement, Valentine’s cards to be posted from all over the UK by friends all of whom, male and female, managed to land their cards precisely on the morning of the day as requested. HOWEVER, despite my greatest efforts and most creative ideas (we won’t go there!) I could not persuade my boyfriend at the time, later my husband, to stay with me until the post had arrived. Much to my complete and absolute frustration, off he went to work, earlier than usual and five minutes before the post came. I could not contain myself particularly, as I clattered down the stairs heading out to a lecture, my flatmates who were sitting contentedly, smug even, eating their breakfasts – uuuuuugh – with Valentines cards propped up beside them on the kitchen table. I seethed my way through that hour of art history and decided on a plan. I would destroy all cards, call the boyfriend at work and would explain my odd behaviour and how he had completely upset my well organised plans and anticipation at what I thought would be his wonderful reaction. I called his office from a phone box, (students did not generally have access to phones at this time), explained to the secretary that I needed to speak to him urgently and much to my surprise, she put me through. I related the whole tale and ranted hysterically about how upset I was at his destroying my well laid plans- oh how emabarrassed I felt afterwards when I learnt that all those in the meeting he was involved with could hear. This poor young 22 year old turned to his older, wiser, male colleagues and said, ‘What do I do?’ In retrospect this whole episode was very amusing particularly as all those male colleagues said, ‘Oh we’ve been there, this is what you do’. They had numerous suggestions! When I returned to my flat following yet another lecture not able to console myself, my flat mate said, ‘A bouquet of flowers has arrived for you – they’re in the sink.They are beautiful with lots of red felt hearts’. I later learnt that the florist had stated that this was a common occurence on Valentine’s Day and they were quite used to having to help people out in sticky situations! I felt completely deflated and most embarrassed at my impatience – after all why could I not have calmly waited until the evening and his return?! We tend not to pay much attention to the 14th of February to this day.

  • Jessica

    Beautiful book. Does it show you how to make anything?

    • It shows how to make a romantic Valentine’s dinner, a lovely quilt an appliqued picture, gift wrap, cards and much more. Everything is based round the image of the heart.

  • Jacqueline

    It should have been Venice. Walking across St Mark’s Square on a crisp February day. Bellinis and fading frescoes. Instead it was a traffic jam on the motorway, a missed flight and an airport fight that would never mend.

  • Jessica

    I was dumped on valentines day once 🙁

    • Juliet

      That’s so sad. You obviously were well rid of them.

  • Molly Otridge

    Best Valentines Day ever- 1991 the year my husband proposed at the top of the Eiffel tower. Been married 22 years this year and still going strong!

  • Molly

    When my boyfriend sent me a bouquet of pink glittery roses, they were the prettiest flowers ever! 😀

  • Juliet

    The prize of the ‘Hearts’ book for the ipad has to go to ‘Incognito’ for such a long uncomfortable and convoluted story. Well done! and enjoy.