Amy Holmes design for The CreativeBox Swap 2012Last October the lovely Tiffany announced on her blog

The Curiosity Box Swap

Brown paper parcels tied up with string these are a few of my favourite things


It was  a simple and ingenious idea. Each participant entered their details into Tiffany’s  database and she  matched  everyone with a name and address of a complete stranger. We then each had to take a box and with a maximum budget of £20, fill it with gifts and curiosities (even better if they were home crafted) and then send it to the address of the person we  were given. Eventually you received a parcel.
There was a theme attached to the event.
“Your home in 2013.”

French bull dog with a soft union jack background
I really enjoyed creating my box and sent it out accordingly. The box I received took ages to arrive, despite it being sent by first class mail. But when it did arrive it was well worth the wait.A jar full of sewing goodies

I,  and I,  gather 900 others,  joined  in this fun idea of filling a box with random goodies and sending them to a stranger. We had to write a little about ourselves for the person who was going to send out a box to us .  My box  was the best present ever, as it contained some Kitschy items that I love and also some beautifully designed and made items by Amy Holmes. The whole thing was so beautifully presented and colour coordinated in soft pink tones with a few striking flashes of reds and black to prevent it looking washed out and boring.  It  included amongst other things a cushion with a French bulldog wearing a crown and necklaces. Other goodies were  an embroidery hoop with the words  ‘The Curiosity Project’ with a button, pair of scissors and a needle and thread embroidered on it, a jar with a pin cushion lid full of threads needles and notions.Regal dog in an ornate frame

Because there isn’t one thing I would change in the box I am in danger of , no I admit it, I am gushing. But it is all meant sincerely.

I was lucky that the person sending  me my box  is a designer and works in textiles, my own background.  Amy is definitely one to watch, and so as I finish this posting I would like to say a public thanks you to Amy for creating such a lovely present and to Tiffany for the great idea.

Postcard of an Amy Holmes Cushion

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