Recycle your boyfriend’s old shirt into a sleeveless top

shirt with bias

This is an excellent way to recycle a frayed at the cuff old shirt or even one with underarm stains. Or just a way of adding new life to a much loved old boyfriend shirt.

If there are underarm stains then when you remove the arms just cut away at the armhole until there are no stains left.

at work in workman's shirt

You will need

I packet of Bondaweb

Bias binding

1 old shirt to re-love




Dress makers pins

Sewing machine



  1. Cut away the sleeves from the shirt and cut away any under arm stains.
  2. With right side of bias facing inside of shirt armhole, pin then tack the bias round each arm-hole. Leave enough overlap for a neat join.
  3. Sew into position with a running stitch. Remove pins and tacking stitches. Fold over the bias to cover the raw edges of the shirt armholes. Pin than tack into position. Sew with a running stitch. Remove pins and tacking thread.




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