Creative Patching, Darning and Stitching

By Kristin. M. Roach  creator of

Published by Storey Publishers

Recycled baby jacket

It is a rare and talented woman that can make the  subject of mending interesting and even engaging. Kristen Roach has managed to do just that.

After a brief history of sewing there is a very pertinent chapter ‘To mend or Not to Mend’ the relevant questions are :Do I love it?

Will someone else love it? How much time, money, and skill will it take? Is it a junk item? Is the fabric high quality? Is the rest of the garment in good condition? Is the area to be mended stretched or distorted? Frayed? Is the fabric easy to work with?

This chapter is followed by Helpful Hints for Mending, tool kits and stitches.

Patchwork, embroidery, skirt shortening and lengthening, are all covered as are replacing zips, machine and hand darning and using elastic.

Add a false hem to lengthen a skirt

Amongst the very useful projects are how to fit a hidden pocket, a button patch pocket. There is a lovely mend  of a child’s jacket using  a star motif. There are solutions for stains and ways to embellish using sequins and beads.

Darning Stars

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