BookwormRecently I had the pleasure of visiting Maison et Objects in Paris. This is one of the largest trade shows in Europe, forecasting what will be new and on trend and in our shops over the next year. As well as large and well known companies showing their goods there are also interesting one off designers such as  Anna Corrido Bonino who makes these fabulous creations out of  recycled books.  All the books differ in size, shape and oxidation of the paper. This makes them unique and unrepeatable.

My particular favourite is the first one above called “Book Worm”

From her mission statement:
Crizu is Christina Corradi Bonino.
She  loves books.
Books are marvels, full of promises and knowledge.
She folds old books.
She likes the patina and the smell.
It’s a job that could be done in a convent or a jail.
She does it anywhere there is a chair.
Time passes slowly, gestures repeated.
In a time of speed she is divinely anachronistic.
The book unfolds itself by touch and sight.
The result is something organic and minimal.
It reveals the time of man and his contemplation.
They have sold in many parts of the world to anyone
who is ready to be surprised by transformation and beauty.
For prices and styles Anna can be contacted on


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  • Molly Otridge

    Interesting and Inspiring as always. I cant recommend this blog enough! You must lead such a fascinating life and I love keeping up with it on here!

    • Juliet

      Thanks so much for the comment, this work is exquisite and so on trend.