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The accidental Vegetarian by Simon Rimmer from BBC's Something for the Weekend

The accidental Vegetarian

The Accidental Vegetarian.
By Simon Rimmer

The Accidental Vegetarian by Simon Rimmer is unlike any other vegetarian cookbook. It is not just about cooking a vegetarian option as an after though , but about embracing vegetables as complete nutritious delicious entities in themselves.

Rimmer is no vegetarian. In his introduction he describes  taking on a vegetarian cafe  called  ‘Greens’ with his friend Simon Connolly, and how  at the start he owned only two cookbooks and had no notion  of how to cook.

The initial  idea was that they would manage the cafe, and  employ others to do the cooking.  However they had no money for this, so they ended up taking on the cooking themselves. Confronted by vegetarian cookbooks which showed recipes that were, as Rimmer describes, ‘brown stodge’; he started to teach himself techniques and experimented with new ways of cooking.  He  now owns one of the best restaurants in Manchester and is often seen on ‘Saturday Morning Kitchen’.


The recipes are lovely, inventive and filling. The beetroot soup  I tried was delicious. I will definitely be cooking from this book in the future.

Described by Delicious magazaine as 'exactly what you want to eat -veggie or not'

Delicious beetroot soup

The book is £9.99 RRP and you can order it from

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