Shirt collars ready for re-cycling

shirt collars

Anyone who has read my blog will know I am passionate about recycling in general, and about recycling shirts in particular. I have been thinking about this project for a while, well ever since unattached collars came onto the fashion scene, perhaps nine months ago.

USe old shirt buttons to decorate a collar

Embellished with buttons

So the ideas  shown here are very simple. I have not bought anything new to re-create these shirt collars. I just used what was in my work room, bits of ribbon, buttons, embroidery thread, an old hair tie pulled into two and a tangles necklace from which I used the crotched flowers.

Decorated with crotched flowers from an old necklace

peter pan collar

The  only general instruction is to carefully unpick the collar from the shirt and then sew the two raw edges together either with a machine running stitch, or by over sewing by hand.

Make a blanket stitched edge

Blanket stitch edging in contrast colour

collar back


Collar covered in old lace

Collar covered in old lace


3 collars using different kinds of decoration

3 collars using different kinds of decoration



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