Walking  over the bridge from Gare de Lyon towards Quai D’Austerlitz, there is  a fantastic view of an undulating green building, the Cite de la Mode et Du Design.
Trip adviser http://www.tripadvisor.fr/describes it  thus:
“Set in audaciously remodelled industrial buildings on the Left Bank is a new nexus of fashion and design. A nimble wooden structure, complementing glass and metallic elements, a grassy stretch for strolling… the Cité de la Mode et du Design is part events space, business conference space, restaurant and boutique zone and, of course, the home of the French fashion institute. white bones
Yesterday when we visited, the latest exhibition, on comic hero’s, had just finished and  the next one is yet to start. Therefore the  spaces felt a little underused, although with all the bars and clubs on the roof terrace it is  a happening venue at night for the young and hip. The bright green stairs to the roof terrace and the over sized dog bones provided some interest as do the large boxes piled in threes one upon another, with their mixtures of figures and slogans.
Les Docks Cite de la Mode Et Du Design http://www.citemodedesign.fr
34 quai d’Austerlitz
75013 Paris
Tel : 01 76 77 25 30
If your pockets are deep and chocolate is your bag, the next stop has  to be to  the shop and headquarters of the world famous  chef  and chocolatier Alaine Ducasse    http://www.lechocolat-alainducasse.com/.. The chocolate is roughly a £100 per kilo, but it  is beautifully presented. As you enter the  shop  the aroma of chocolate hits your senses , not the sweet sickly smell of  sugar redolent of cheap chocolates but, the deep all enveloping power of the genuine article. Sadly we were not allowed to take photographs inside the building so here is a view from the outside
.chocolate emporium

40, rue de la roquette
75011 Paris

Tel :

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Saturday, 10:30 am to 19:00 pm

Metro Bastille – Ligne 1, 5, 8
Bus N°69 / Arrêt Bréguet Sabin

I am staying in Paris with a good friend an author, stylist and designer. She has her finger on the button, so you are getting an insiders view here!. Paris. is currently full of Concept Stores. At this point a lively discussion should ensue about the nature of concept stores. Are they a place where one person presents  his or her ideas, in the form of goods for sale, in  a coherent and cohesive way? Or is it a way of  having a cool gallery space dotted with a few choice items, often very ugly, many by well known designers being sold for  extortionate sums.That is not forgetting the bouncers. Many of these stores employ bouncers. this can be quite intimidating as you feel you are being followed by a pick pocket. The reality is that, if you  don’t look the part, you are being followed to make sure you don’t pick pocket!

The home concept store La Tresorerie is a real find.

things for the home

This is a cohesive store; well presented  kitchen, cleaning, sewing, painting and bedding items as well as rugs and furniture are for sale. It has a freshness and optimism reminiscent of the early Habitat concept. You are only getting a picture of cleaning brushes here, but the shop is full of covetable items such as linen towels, aprons, and tea towels, woollen blankets some fifties inspired coffee tables. There is a cafe attached, so if your companion is taking too long drooling over the goods you can pop next door for a coffee.

. home wear

  • Address: 11 rue du château d’eau, Paris, France
  • Téléphone: +33 (1) 40 40 20 46
  • Courriel: contact@latresorerie.fr

Our next Concept Store ‘The Broken Arm ‘.

The piece I quote here is from  Ten days in Paris .com http://www.tendaysinparis.com

‘Friends Anê¯s Lafarge, Guillaume Steinmetz et Romain Joste opened the large, light filled space overlooking the leafy Square du Temple in February (three years after starting online magazine De Jeunes Gens Modernes), and it has been packed with like-minded young creative types ever since.

The Scandinavian feel concept store stocks carefully selected prêt-à -porter lines from the likes of Phillip Lim, Carven, Otswald Helgason and Raf Simons as well as a range of books, magazines and other beautifully crafted lifestyle items which make it very hard to leave empty handed.’Cos style clothes

My view of this Concept store is  quite different to hers, although I loved many of the clothes similar in Style to ‘Cos’. The prices were far higher. http://www.cosstores.com/fr/  and I didn’t like many of the materials used. I no longer wish to wear neoprene dresses.

from upper to lower floor

The shop itself with its old fashioned staircase is a nice place to be in, as is the cafe next door. They have a great book and magazine collection too, but I left without  making a purchase.

‘See’ are the best off the peg reading glasses in the world. They come in bright fruit pastille  colours pink, red, blue and white. Not cheap by ‘Off the peg’ standards but properly designed. They are only sold in one Parisian shop,Colette,as it happens one of the first Concept stores. This emporium comes complete with muscle bound bouncers and effete sales reps. Currently there is a “Neverland’ exhibition on the first floor of  photographs of the rhinestone gloves and shoes worn by  the late  Michael Jackson.

colette glasses


213 Rue Saint-Honore 75001






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