As we are approaching Valentine’s day I thought it might be nice to give you some romantic heart gifts  to make. They were originally published in a book called Hearts a book of Romantic Gifts by  Conran Octopus in 1992 and then republished as an ibook four years ago. I , Juliet Bawden,was the author and Debbie Patterson did the beautiful photography. Oliver Moxley transformed the original idea into an ibook.

The image of the heart is a potent one. Over the centuries it has evolved from a symbol of power to one of love and friendship.

It is principally with romance that people associate the heart as a symbol, and St Valentine’s day is a time when lovers exchange heart gifts or cards. Mid- February has been associated with love since Roman times, when the festival of Lupercalia celebrated Juno and marriage.

The projects shown below cover many different meanings of hearts, from the simply decorative to the deeply romantic. Some of the items are inspirational but most are practical projects for you to make up.

The fact that all the items are hand made and that time and care have been taken with them shows that they are all symbols of love and affection. Hopefully each item will bring you great pleasure and satisfaction, whether to make for yourself or to give to a loved one.

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