Cushion from old sweater

Giddy Goat Cushion

My lovely ‘Joseph‘ sweater, very old but much loved, has had one warm wash too many and is really felted. I got a friend’s mum to knit a new one for me. It’s perfect and it fits. So I have turned the old one into a warm wooly cushion.

joseph sweater

The first step was to undo the old seams using my lovely new Korbond seam unripper .

I cut off the funnel neck and then squared up the front and back of the sweater

so they were the same size.


seperate arms from body

The next step was to run a zig zag over any  raw edges to stop the wool unravelling.neaten raw edges with zig zag stitch

With right sides facing machine the front to the back round three sides,

leave the bottom of the ex sweater open.

Sew  the front to the back

Insert a cushion pad and by hand oversew the bottom edge to close.


Back of cushion

Back of cushion

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