I was recently invited to visit Brighton art fair. A fantastic experience and a very high standard of work.

ARTHOUSE Meath were  exhibiting work created by adults living with severe epilepsy. The work is often childlike spontaneous and very covetable. There are paintings, ceramics, graphics, cards and even a range of chocolate all for sale.arthouse meath

large picture

www.rokoro.co.uk makes three dimensional art works, many  are made from old books with a cut out taking place on each page. book art

finished book

Jane Walker produces lovely prints such as the two below. www.janewalkerprintmaker.comblack tulips by Jane Walker

striped jug

Another print maker  whose work I like is Jennie Ing www.jennieingart.co.uk

jennie ing prints

Manny Woodard creates exquisite small sculptures in limited editions. lazy days

learning to fly

Politics is at the core of of Jana Nicole’s work.http://www.jananicole.com As well as being thought provoking it is also often very funny. Particularly fine is the piece called the A-Z of swearing. A- Z of swearing

In complete contrast is the work of Rhoda K Baker www.rhodabaker.co.uk who makes 3D paper works.work constructed from paper

For those who missed this show most of the artists have web sites. So if you are stuck for a present for yourself, or a loved one, look no further than these artists.

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