Paper puppets

Jumping Jacks

A book full of creative ideas to upcycle your old  books-decorations, stationary, display scenes and more. Having written about the work of Christina Corradi Bonino, it was such a pleasure to be presented with ‘Book Art’ by Clare Youngs.  Apart from being a prolific author and maker, Clare has a great eye and is an imaginative designer and maker.
I, like Clare, love books and as she says in her introduction

A three dimensional paper sculpture of the owl and the pussycat

The owl and the pussy cat


‘The first time I cut up a book it did not seem the right thing to do. However,that feeling of guilt dispersed as I began to create unique and beautiful objects from a simple page or group of pages.’

Bowls made from folded paper strips

Paper Bowls

Having said that, Clare has her own set of rules. She doesn’t cut up rare books, she seeks out those that are  tatty and damaged and takes pleasure in finding an interesting book that may have a few pages ruined by a scribble, ink stain or missing cover or torn pages. She also uses old catalogues, maps and manuscripts, and as she points out each year thousands of books are pulped and turned into land fill.

A greeting card, decoration rolled into one

Stand up Lion

Published by Cico books at £14.99 in hard back

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